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The Artistic Lifter - Box Canvas Print

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For all of you who have spent your whole lives wondering what it would look like if Vincent van Gogh were to channel his talents toward painting body builder physiques, this is for you. Enjoy this AI rendering that attempts to answer that question and help you in your lifelong quest.

Production & Shipping

To offer you the greatest possible variety and ensure your item isn't just gathering dust in a warehouse, all of our canvas prints are made to order. Please allow 2 - 3 days for production and quality inspection, then about 10 days for shipping in the United States. Overall, most orders arrive in 10 - 14 business days.

Product Features

Brilliant colors tell the story

Your work of art comes to life in vivid color and high definition with high-end printers. Acid-free archival inks are printed onto cotton rags with a 400 gsm standard for a natural matte, ultra-smooth finish that will not fade over time.

Artwork shown: In the Beginning.

Measured quality

Materials are continually tested in an in-house UV test chamber to ensure that you cannot find any canvas prints with longer lasting colors. Our idea of "long-lasting" is not measured in years, but in generations.

The hidden details are important, too!

All canvas prints come with a fully concealed backing to keep the dust out and the staples in. Your walls will thank us. 😉

Artwork shown: In the Beginning.

Patented warp resistance? Of course.

A patented design resists warping and results in tight corner folds and a polished, gallery-ready disposition.

Artwork shown: In the Beginning.

Ready to hang!

Sawtooth hanging hardware comes standard. Pair that with a lightweight design, and you have yourself a fast, frustration-free experience. Go from unboxing to hanging in just minutes!